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Power BI

Unify all your organization’s data.

Data-driven business intelligence app

Quick and Easy Data Insight

Unify all your organization’s data by plugging into all your data sources with Microsoft Power BI, a suite of business intelligence tools for analyzing data, and sharing insights

Power BI gives you a bird’s-eye view of your business data, with all your key metrics in one place and updated in real-time across multiple devices including phones.

With Power Bi, you have access to intuitive tools that provide important insights for making intelligent business decisions, help you publish impactful reports, and automate data updates so everyone in your organization is carried along.

Why Power BI?

From streaming analytics in real time for quick decision making, Power BI also offers unified self-service and enterprise analytics, ability to find answers fast with industry-leading AI, unparalleled excel integration for easy data export, accelerating big data prep with Azure, improve publishing efficiency and accuracy of Power BI content. With the functionality of Power BI, insights from data are easily turned to actions for profit making.

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